The life of a bullet journalist

Well Hello and welcome to my humble abode- or should I say blog! It has been at least 4 years that I’ve been  longing for one and after years of staring at my computer screen at other people’s nicely set up pages filled with more crafts and organization methods than I could dream of I finally told myself to stop Pining and go after what I wanted. So now here I am sitting in front of a computer screen at eleven o’ clock at night hoping that I will actually publish this disastrous start to a new blog.

I have actually been in this situation many times before and having spent several hours perfecting one piece of writing, deleted it in only seconds because I was too scared- of what, I’m not sure. So that’s why I decided today that I would just write and see where it lead me and who knows! In a couple months I might have several readers and be bragging to everyone about the few people out there who like my blog, or I might still have no readers and am only doing it for therapeutic reasons, but either way I want to keep doing this because it is something I’ve been holding off for too long and they say you only get better with time! So without further ado, Let me introduce myself.

I am Lexey Wilson- a writer with a passion for fiction and journalism, a student at a fantastic art school, a cat lover, an organizer (other than my disastrous room- you can’t organize everything), and a bullet journalist. Because of my passion for bullet journaling, I decide that for my first ever post I would begin to talk about my wonderful bullet journal experience!

I’ve been bullet journaling for about 5 months now and I cannot tell you the improvement I’ve had with not only organizing my school life but also my thoughts. It also greatly helps to be able to hold onto something that I can just have not only as a planner but a sketch book and pretty much an overall diary of everything. It’s only been a few months and I can already look back and see my improvement of collecting my thoughts and putting together organized lists of my school things, personal things, and so much more (thanks to the gift of color coding)!

100_1041Now before I get into all of the rest of the fun pictures and tips and things that all of the creative seekers out there love, I’m sure some of you don’t even know what a bullet journal is, so being as kind as I am, I have decided to briefly explain in. A bullet journal is what I like to call a DIY planner. You have a table of contents (index), a calendar of the year (future log), a calendar for the month (monthly log), and a tracker for each day (daily log), plus other things you choose to add (collections). It helps break down each aspect of your life from your year all the way to each day and that’s one of the many reasons I love it. If you’d like to know more and  even start one of your own just click here.

Didn’t I tell you it would be brief! Now to get into the fun part I have decided to start with a list, because I absolutely love lists. The one I have decided to create and show is a list of 5 things to keep in mind when starting (or keeping up) a bullet journal. I know it can be hard and frustrating to see everyone else succeed as you fail but just know it gets better with practice and there is no right way to actually “succeed” anyways so, here we go!

5 things to know when you own a bullet journal

  1. “Perfect” is a relative term: We all have a moment in our lives where we begin a project or new exciting idea with this picture in our mind of how it’s going to turn out. We spend every moment we can adding small little details only to accidentally move your pen in the wrong direction and throw the entire thing away. I do that every day and have wasted piles of paper’s because of it but what I have soon realized is that  perfect is only a relative term. By that, I mean that something is only deemed perfect or terrible if it is compared to something else but that can be dangerous to do (especially if you are a perfectionist like me) and only leads to failure and giving up. If you want to truly enjoy your bullet journal, and anything else for that matter, just do your best and you’ll get better with designing the layout and finding what works for you after you’ve played around with it a little bit. All you have to do is just keep going!
  2. Color Coding is your best friend: A lot of people do different things when starting or keeping up a bullet journal but one of the things I’ve found helps me organize my school life from my personal life from everything else is color coding! On the front page of my bullet journal where my key is I have a list of all the different colors and what they represent. It’s helped me so much and now I can look at my daily log and see everything that needs to be done according to what category it falls under.100_1043100_1047
  3. Don’t be afraid to personalize it: Your bullet journal should be your entire life- or most of it for that matter. Just like your phone that has probably every password and every app, your bullet journal should be a place that you can put everything from your favorite book list to just random doodles.I know so many people who never had any fun with it and used it as just a planner with tasks and to do lists, but thats not all a bullet journal is for. I don’t know how many times I got so bored that I pulled out my bullet journal and started doodling! It’s a great way to make it your own and something I love is adding stickers or different designs to look back on.100_1045100_1050
  4. Use a Lechtturm 1917 Notebook: Now this is just personal preference but after going for about a month with a notebook I just found lying around and transitioning to a Lechtturm 1917 notebook I found that it works so much better. Not only does it come in all different colors but it also has an already set up index and page numbers in the bottom corners so you don’t have to spend all that time numbering each page or setting up a table of contents. If you go onto the website they actually have a Lechtturm 1917 bullet journal notebook specifically for bullet journaling that you can buy. The notebooks range from $20-30 but are definitely worth it for that quality. I actually have the bullet journal notebook and find it to be so helpful with the bullet journal process. 100_1044
  5. Have Fun with it!: The last thing I can tell you is to just have fun with it and like I said before, make it all your own! If the bullet journal system doesn’t work for you, you can adjust and modify it in any way you want to. This bullet journal is all yours and should help you with organizing your life and hopefully your thoughts. Just make sure it does and if so,  your doing it right!

Well, thats all I have for my first post ever!  I can already tell that this is going to help me so much with my writing and dream of becoming a journalist and I hope you like it as much as I like writing it! Just remember to never give up on something you love and keep hatching hobbies!


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